Shark Handicapping Challenge, 2013


We appoligize for the issue due to our hosting company change in our storage. notifing us. 

CONGRATS TO StevenJ our new Shark Challenge Winner.  This is Steven's first year with us and we hope have him around for a long time.  It was a great year and we look forward to everyone playing in next years Shark Challenge.


Once again, Congrats to StevenJ and we WILL see you in Vegas.   



2013 Leader Board 

Shark Challenge  

      Leader Board      

Sharkmark 10.25
StevenJ 7.45
JeffN 4.35
Alex01 4.25
AlanK 4.25



All current members whose membership is not expiring within three the July start is eligible. If you membership is expiring, either renew or contact us. Here are the rules:


You must send me an e-mail to let me know you are entered into the challenge.


1. The contest will start on August 20th 2012 and last two full weeks (10 Days of play)


2. Each day, (Monday through Friday) a list of eligible games will be posted on the Shark Challenge page. You must pick your winners on each game


3. All 10 days will count on your final score.


4. Scoring is based on Units won or loss.


5. e-mail your picks to by 6:00 PM EST each day. Any emails received after 6pm will not be counted. This is strictly enforced.


6. The top 5 player results will be posted on the Handicapping Challenge page and updated daily


7. The top scoring member (Most units won) will be deemed the “winner” of the Shark Challenge and win a free trip to Vegas with Mark and his staff.


At the end of the challenge period, the top performer wins a FREE 3 DAY 2 NIGHT TRIP TO VEGAS -- airfare, hotel and one dinner at one of Las Vegas' finest. What happens if you BEAT the Shark? You get added bonuses when you get to Vegas